Veterinary Tactical Group

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VTG offers mission-relevant veterinary consulting for your tactical and operational programs. Services offered include:

-Canine sports medicine and rehabilitation
-Research, development, and capabilities advancement
-Technical writing
-Canine program development
-Veterinary event and mission support
-Pre-deployment readiness
-Veterinary emergency training for dog handlers, tactical medics, and veterinary personnel

VTG veterinary consultants understand your operating environment and provide customized services for your specific mission.

Who are VTG Consultants?

VTG consultants are individuals specifically selected for their skills, experience, security clearance, and suitability for working in non-traditional situations.  Skills vary among individuals, and we work closely with our client’s unique requirements to match the best consultant or team of consultants for each mission.  The majority of VTG consultants have military experience in combat or other deployments worldwide, and are among the most highly skilled and experienced professionals in their respective fields.




Why VTG?

Not all veterinary personnel are the same.  Sometimes your mission requires veterinary support, but not all veterinary personnel are suitable for the situation.  VTG provides veterinary support and consultation for those unique situations when only the best is good enough for your organization and canine partners.     VTG understands your requirements and provides the most professional, knowledgeable, and technically proficient personnel to support your organization’s objectives.  Contact VTG for your projects, events, and operations with special requirements, restrictions, or hazards that may otherwise limit your options in veterinary support.       
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